The first 2 people that guess the name of this street in Huntington Beach will be the winners. Only 1 guess per person.


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Paul played tournaments up until mid December while I went back to work at Walgreens. Paul also played (ball) golf pretty much everyday for a month and a half straight and got pretty good at it. We spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years in Florida, and left for California on January 6th. We drove straight through without stopping as we left Florida at 4 a.m and got to California at 4 p.m the next day. While we’ve been in California we’ve been keeping pretty busy with meetings, practicing, fieldwork, putting, and running on the beach. We had our first tournament 2 weeks ago here at Central Park in Huntington Beach where we both won so it’s a pretty good way for us to start off our season!

We’re going to be keeping better track of our blogs now that I got an iPad and Paul got a laptop!

We would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support through our 2013 season
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8/20 – Paul, Phil and I played one last practice round at Maple Hill. After our round, we packed and headed south to Georgia. We stopped in Brooklyn to go to the famous Junior’s Restaurant for one last piece of NY style cheesecake.

8/21 – Had a lazy day at Phil’s house. After it started cooling off we went to one of his local courses to get in a round with a few of the locals. After the round, Paul and I packed for our early flight the next day.

8/22 – Woke up around 3:45 a.m. to catch our flight to Salt Lake City, Utah. We arrived safely and got picked up by one of Noah’s friends, Tim. Paul, Tim and I hung out at his house until Noah finally showed up a couple hours later. We then went to R.E.I so Paul and Noah could get some new shoes, and then played one of the local courses. We ate dinner at a place called Barbacoa which Paul and Noah didn’t like, but I did. 

8/23 – Paul, Noah and I started off our morning with breakfast at Ihop.  We then played an extremely long practice round at Solitude Ski Resort. Later that night we had calzones at a pizza place called Boardwalk.

8/24 – round 1: I shot an okay round. I knew I left a lot of strokes out there so I was excited to play the next day to see if I could improve my score. I had a 7 stroke lead going into day 2 and was looking to extend my lead. For Paul, he says “the round was really windy from start to finish and it was tough to get in the groove. No one really scored well on day 1″. We went to another pizza place for dinner and had calzones again….carb loading never hurts, right?

8/25 – round 2: In the beginning of the round I was on track to shoot a better round then I did the previous day. After about hole 9 I didn’t drive well and by the end of the round I shot 1 stroke worse than I did the previous day. After the round I was up by 2 strokes. Paul says “there was about the same amount of wind today, but we were better prepared for it and the scores were lower today”. That night Paul and I had Indian food for the first time with Noah, Tim and Emily.

8/26 – round 3: I started my round by birdying the first hole (and the shortest hole) for the first time during the tournament so I was already on track to shoot a good round. I was driving much better during my round and ended up shooting my best round during the tournament. I extended my lead to 10 strokes and got my 2nd a tier win. Paul says, “it was a battle between Cory and I. He threw in an ace, I threw in an ace. It came down to the end and of course theres no guarantee when the last hole is 1300+ feet, but in the end i ended up winning by 3″. After awards, Noah, Paul and I left Utah and started our drive back to Huntington Beach. After a 10 hour drive and pulling over 3 times to take a short nap we finally made it back at 9 a.m the next day.

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This was my first time in New York, and also the trip I was waiting to go on all year and was really excited to finally be here!

8/6 After waking up and getting ready for the day, we got breakfast at Ihop (of course). After breakfast Paul, Luke Butch and I went to Niagra Falls. There wasn’t a great view from the U.S border, but was still a sight to see regardless. After Niagra Falls we went to dinner at b
Buffalo Roadhouse. Paul and I ordered Buffalo wings because they were suppose to be the best around, but they weren’t that great. After dinner we went to play a quick round at Ellicott Park. It was a nice, clean, fun little course and a great course for beginners to learn on. We ended our day by getting dessert at Coldstone.

8/7 – We woke up and Paul’s poison ivy was pretty bad so we went to a clinic so he could get medicine for it. For the rest of the day we stayed inside because the doctor said Paul couldn’t sweat because it will spread the ivy. Lazy days are always nice!

8/8 – 8/10 – During these days we practiced the tournament courses, but only played 1 round per day so that they ivy wouldn’t spread too much.

8/11 – Tournament day 1 at Parma in Rochester, NY. My first round was above average I felt like. My drives were pretty good, but I kept hitting the cage on my putts which was unusual for me because putting is normally the strongest part of my game. I was leading after the 1st round by 1 stroke. During the 2nd round I got a really bad migraine and my medicine that I take to get rid of it didn’t work, but I toughed it out, but didn’t shoot well. I was 4 behind 1st place after the second round.

8/12 – 1 round at Chili. I liked Chili better than parma, but didn’t play well during my round. My drives were all over the place and I couldn’t put together a good round to come back in win. Paul said that he was never able to put together a good round because of his lack of focus from the medications that he was on for the poison ivy.
That night Paul, Emac and I left for New Jersey. It was only 6 hours away and we got to New Jersey around midnight.

8/13 – Our hotel was in New Jersey, but I wanted to go to NYC because I had never been before, so Paul, Emac and I spent the day in NYC. Our hotel was only a half hour away, and it seemed like a much better idea to drive to NYC, rather than spend over $100/night to stay in NYC. Ee walked around Times Square, went to a couple shops, went to The Empire State building, saw the Freedom Tower and Statue of Liberty. I absolutely HAD to have a piece of cheesecake so we stopped at this place called Roxy’s and I got a $9.00 slice of New York style cheesecake which was amazing and definitely worth $9.00. That night we went to a Yankees and Rangers game at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx.

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Brent Hambrick Memorial Open

7/30 – We’re staying at Ricky’s sister Karla’s house in her finished basement, so it was super easy to sleep in until after 10 a.m. because the basement had no windows which made it super dark! We took our time …


After World’s & Pittsburgh!!

7/22 – Paul woke up early around 5:30 a.m to take Biebs to the airport. He came back and we slept in until around 9:30. After we got up we cleaned Jenna’s house and packed as we waited for her to come …


2012 World Champion: Paul McBeth!!

7/7 Paul and I wanted to get an early start, but there were some things we had to take care of before leaving Clearwater which delayed us to about 4:30 p.m. After we finally got on the road, we stopped in Gainesville …


Master’s Cup – Santa Cruuuuuz

As we try to catch up on all of the tournament’s, the next couple of blogs might be a little short because we’re a little behind. We’ll do the best we can to add as much as possible to each …


Charlie Vettiner Open – Bowling Green, Kentucky

Unfortunately our Miami “tourneycation” had to come to an end on Sunday as we said goodbye to everyone and headed back to Clearwater. We weren’t in too much of a rush to get to Kentucky because we only had to …



This was Paul and Ricky’s first trip to Miami and they wanted to get down there as soon as possible, so we left early Monday morning to start the 5 hour drive. The weather for the next week was rainy …